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I apologize for these types of posts....It just saddens me so much to see how Deviantart has changed its front page system....and if it hasn't changed...then what is going on?!

Photography has always taken blows for not being considered art form and Deviantart is allowing those blows to be justified. I'm not saying every photograph needs to be conceptual to be considered art, but come on...give us something to work with! The photographs that have been appearing lately are, technically, terrible photographs, yet may be popular for another reason *cough cough, cosplay or BOOBS* Deviantart needs to save the fine art realm of photography...are those not the photos that spark and inspire the many minds on Deviantart?  This is mainly for the portrait section of photography. Honestly, go view the photography section, then people and portraits....on the first page is there anything that inspires you? Shouldn't that be at the top of the list?  There are so many talented inspiring photographers on Deviantart that can inspire thousands....yet they are clouded by the inaccuracies of what is art on Deviantart.

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Check it out here :)

Im reshooting this thursday! The first attempt failed...but you gotta get back on the horse :)
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Someone just gave me a 3 month membership anonymously!  Gosh....i'm really touched right now, that is so kind of them. Thank you deeply honored.

Christmas break has started, yes! I hope to pump out photos more frequently now. It was tough and busy for a while because it was my last quarter at college. Yet, now that it is over, I can focus on my work.

A LOT has been happening with me....I will appear on for an interview (i'll post it when it's done)! I won it as a contest and had some of the best photographers in the world view and judge my portfolio out of hundreds of applicants....they surprised Skype called me, here is the link to that episode, it is in the first 12 minutes,

Anywho, I hope everyone is doing well I miss the DA community! :heart:
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They are limited edition fine art prints!

You are able to view the selected photos here clicky!

email me at for details and pricing :)
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I hate school....and life just sometimes gets in the way of what I want to do. I wanted to post a photo every week! But now its almost been two weeks....because Im so busy with everything... D: :(
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I love the Deviantart community, and the people that support me.

I just love all the creative artists I meet...the more well known i've been becoming brings so many new talented people to my door.

Your support is :heart:

Shooting tomorrow...pray that it goes well and that everyone, including my model and myself, will be safe. You heard it first here.........I'm playing with fire!
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:( ....

Just because I go through great lengths to get a great photo...doesn't mean people have the right to assume its fake, regardless of what I say.

My newest piece, "the fleeter's find." was all in shot, except the birds. I had my model run toward the birds and scare them in my direction so I could stand exactly where I stood, and take the shot. I then just combined the two in the end. Everything else is real, minus enhancing the photo.

Im happy most people think my photos look manipulated, because it means it cant be real its too good! lol...but that means, as a photographer, I'm shunned from my skills. It's just really discouraging. I'm trying to set a new bar with photography. Have a PURPOSE for what and why I shoot. Some photographers that are well known...just take good pictures, nothing more or less. Some people can't accept my hard work as being real :( ..
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photos that belong on facebook or myspace on Deviantart....I really wish we could monitor this stuff somehow and just vote on each piece as to whether its considered art or not. Because honestly, it should be obvious to everyone.

It gets my blood boiling, I don't care if you are 12 and post written pics about how you broke up with your prepubescent boyfriend. It doesn't pose a question, it doesn't make me feel, it is just stupid.

Ok rant over..

my apologies >_< ''
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Hope you all are doing well, getting inspired and creating art!

This 365 project is almost enslaving me ...I feel like I need to constantly produce grade A work for each day.....when I know it doesn't have to be that way. I guess its just the perfectionist in me? I just hope ideas flow easy so I dont have to stress about everything...>_<

Its 2:30 am here....cant sleep, BUT at least I got my idea for I wont stay up all night XD

Anywho, enough of my ranting. Thank you for all your support, and remember create create create!!!!
Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I have been overwhelmed by all of your support. Its your support that really has pushed me as an artist. So, on my facebook, the person to get the 1000th "like" will receive a free 12x12 signed fine art print of your choice! I should be able to know who it is, but send me a comment on my facebook just to make sure!

Here is my facebook.

Cheers!! :)

I just added one! Sad I

Add me! =]…
Thank God.

I have a goal to do at LEAST 5 well thought out photo shoots...hopefully I will be starting one next week...but Ive been so busy with shooting weddings and portraits Im having a hard time doing my own stuff D:

Also thought about inviting some photographers to a competition I might be doing...more info on that later ;D
Today I've received my 3rd daily deviation on my piece "deliverer" ...however I've received some negative comments as to how many DD's I've received...

My process for photoshoots is extremely thought through....I dont just submit something I snapped randomly...or submit "cute" things...sometimes my photoshoots take months of thinking (my "deliverer" piece took about 3 months) I create a vision, a concept, a story, a color palate, plenty of sketches, find an appropriate model, find cohesive props...that back left mirror in my piece weighed about 100 lbs and dragging it down a trail was not an easy task >__<''..all in all, I just want to say how grateful I am that Deviantart acknowledges this...I put so much work into my pieces..

Thank you all for the positive comments and guys really push myself...and I couldn't do it without your support :heart:
What happened to the ART when it comes to photography?? I guess it is still present here on DA, but the majority of photographs that are considered to be "popular" are just...plain. I'm tired of seeing just a nice photo of a face, don't get me wrong, it's beautiful BUT....everytime I see photos like this I ask myself..."what is the photographer trying to say here?!" "What is the purpose??" and as a viewer, my response to this question is, nothing. Am I the only one who feels like this? And STOP with the cat pictures!!! For crying out loud..

I'm thinking about finally joining devianart as a paying member...JUST so I can feature photographers who really put thought and ART into their photographs...
I know I said I'd start featuring some unnoticed photographers...but since school has started...and I'm busy shooting weddings every weekend, It's hard to find time for anything else! D: When I get some more work up, hopefully within the rest of this month, I'll post a feature of a photographer as well :)

Sorry everything is slowing me down, I am still as determined to make those who are talented found!!! :)

I hope everyone is doing great

Hey everyone, I'd love it if you took the time to read this! :)

There is just SO MUCH unseen talent on DA, meanwhile some photographs get all the rave...and they really aren't all that exciting/skillful/well done. I'm not saying the only thing important is popularity here on DA, NOT AT ALL. Yet, through being noticed on DA, it further drives artists to create and further their inspiration. I'm just tired of under appreciated photographers while cat photos...and macro photos of watches get +1000 favs :eyepopping:. I want to see some real soulful work, and I'm going to acknowledge those who have it.

Those who produce work that inspire other artists is work worth appreciating! :floating:

Thank you all for your time

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Oh my, I have not submitted in so long! School is finished and since then I've been working hard non photos photos! As well as other side graphic work. Im having a shoot this's an idea I've been thinking about for a LONG time and I hope to get that across!

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't die, and I hope to submit shortly.

I hope you all are doing well!
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*sigh* I want to take more photos, but alas......its finals week, so I will be busy =/ Then Im going to oregon for a week, but I will come back with hopefully awesome landscape photos =]...hopefully ^_^''

I need my brain to spark for another portrait concept...hmmm
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If I could visually show my creative inspiration, the desire that manifests within me to create, I would imagine it would be highly unstable  yet so beautiful.

I need an outlet soon.
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