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May 6, 2012


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I apologize for these types of posts....It just saddens me so much to see how Deviantart has changed its front page system....and if it hasn't changed...then what is going on?!

Photography has always taken blows for not being considered art form and Deviantart is allowing those blows to be justified. I'm not saying every photograph needs to be conceptual to be considered art, but come on...give us something to work with! The photographs that have been appearing lately are, technically, terrible photographs, yet may be popular for another reason *cough cough, cosplay or BOOBS* Deviantart needs to save the fine art realm of photography...are those not the photos that spark and inspire the many minds on Deviantart?  This is mainly for the portrait section of photography. Honestly, go view the photography section, then people and portraits....on the first page is there anything that inspires you? Shouldn't that be at the top of the list?  There are so many talented inspiring photographers on Deviantart that can inspire thousands....yet they are clouded by the inaccuracies of what is art on Deviantart.

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3feathers Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Professional Photographer
First off Robby, I want to tell you that your work is inspiring; creative, skillfully crafted and full of wonder. You certainly raise the bar when it comes to artistry with a camera. The easy access to digital cameras has turned anyone who can afford one into a "photographer"- most of whom can't wait to point it towards a naked body. Often their own. And that's all fine and well - I've made a career out of doing nudes and even turned my camera on myself once in awhile. I think the problem here on dA though is that there is a vast ocean of less than amateur photographers who flood the place with pictures born of their horniness rather than any artistry or creativity. It takes a lot of sifting to get down to the good stuff like yours. The category of Artistic Nudes for example is loaded to the gills with pictures of boobs, vag and dicks that should be in a category all their own without the word artistic attached. 

I don't know that there's any viable solution. dA is a for profit venue and everything bows to that reality. Those of us who are serious artists are stuck having to compete for visibility among the countless thousands of boob and genital photographers whose pictures get the most views and faves. It's obvious that the algorithms here cater to all of that whether it's dA's intention to have it that way or not. It's frustrating but I don't see that it's ever going to change as long as profit is the sole guiding factor underwriting it all. The best we can do is keep creating our work the way we feel it and hope that once in awhile it gets noticed. 

Your work is extraordinary and I hope you'll keep making it and sharing it as often as you can. I look forward to your artwork coming up in my messages and I enjoy my time in your gallery. You inspire me. 
Sea-of-Ice Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Photographer
Tom, thank you for such an insightful comment. It really put me at ease and made me realize I just need to focus on me rather than what everyone else is doing here on DA.

I'm just saddened because it didn't used to be like this.

I'm glad you commented, your work is really nice :)

3feathers Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thanks Robby. It's an imperfect venue for sure but the upside is that I get to see your work here! :-)
theresahelmer Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Professional Photographer
Not sure how do you feel what I post here, I am a self-taught food photographer/food stylist, from a humble hobby to I am lucky enough these days working with some of the largest companies in U.S.

is my posting art? Not sure still, but I do know I work very hard creating my food (from concept, color arrangement, food styling, taking the photo to post editing)!

i do love what you have written here - this stupid woman (sorry the wording sound unkind), she post photos of herself almost daily, sitting on the couch, standing in some random corner of her flat, her face is always the same (the stupid stare), little piece of myself die each time I see her posting appears on the front page. People, that is no art! Quit telling her she is stunning! Ugh....sooooo annoyed. Then there are those "let me spred my legs wide open" and dare to call it art! 

I know I would rather die of hunger and torture before I spread my legs for the public to see...
MsLissome Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Hmmm... Scratch the sofa or not to scratch the sofa? by ZoranPhoto

When "more-like-this" was added, I thought: Thatīs crap!
Now I ignore the front-page, because I find so much through this... :bucktooth:
The porn-problem is a global one IMO - ok, Iīm here for two years now - after the change, therefore...

I wouldnīt be able to publish anything, if "good quality" would be a criteria... especially my drawings, which I am hyper-proud of. 
(and itīs fan art on top...)
It inspires me to go on, get better, that I can show off my rubbish here.

The only solution is to outnumber the crap IMO...

INVIV0 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
It is funny because yesterday I also read another journal from a nude photographer that he was unhappy about the algorithm of the site. He said that nude photos don't go front page (!?) but I agree with you. 
Sea-of-Ice Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Photographer
haha really?! That is all I see! XD
sparkbearer Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Professional Photographer
God bless you. I'm so happy we share this thought, and I'm glad to not be alone in it.
StormAhead Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
I completely agree with you. I get on dA, look at the most popular deviations in the last hours, and what do I see? Boobs, low-quality snapshots,  some poorly drawn fanart, boobs, cosplay, boobs, hey look, boobs... ._.
pHotOPuNK82 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
I think da just knows it's fan base and it know's it's nerds and the anime obsessed.

The other is just a given of the interwebz of ANY site with photo's on it; at least da hasn't reached tumblr level porn status;P
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